GreenCoat Co-Polymer Waterproof Coating


Greencoat is premium quality water-based cementitious co-polymer coating designed to produce a high build surface which is very strong and extremely flexible. It produces an abrasive resistant, durable finish suitable for both interior and exterior application.Greencoat can bridge and fill cracks, and its low moisture permeability makes it ideal for areas subject to high humidity, or where protection from condensation is required.the material’s water-resistant surface allows water to run off, and protects the substrate by stopping or limiting penetration.

Greencoat’s high tensile strength, coupled with superior adhesion and elongation properties, also make it an effective waterproofing coating.

Applications - Greencoat can be applied to:

•  Masonry and plaster
•  Concrete and brick as a waterproof coating
•  Cement and asbestos fibre sheeting
•  All types of rock
•  Bitumen
•  Steel
•  Most other metals (suitably primed)
•  Dam catchments
•  clay or sand surfaces – suitable as a road coating
•  under high build

Note: Greencoat can be used to patch leaks in surfaces, and is highly recommended as a waterproof coating due to it adhesion properties on most surfaces. It is a particularly strong road surface alternative

Product summary

Developed by Greencoat in conjunction with a leading chemical laboratory, the Greencoat acrylic coating can be used used in different formulations in the construction, mining, commercial and agricultural industries. The coating is a complete replacement for dam linings, water catchment areas, waterproofing, and when required can be modified for use as a road coating capable of carrying vehicular traffic up to 80 tonnes.

Greencoat coatings are totally water and gas impermeable, are non-toxic and UV stable.
products are manufactured in western australia under strict quality control and quality assurance procedures. the recommended application method is by airless spray, but coatings can also be applied by brush or roller.

Coatings formulated to specification can be applied directly to prepared clay or sand for road surfacing or water runoff.

Application to steel as an encapsulating coating prevents rust and reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Greencoat is effective in coating steel structures due to its strength and UV stability, particularly in situations where rain or humidity would normally generate the need for ongoing repair work.

Greencoat is accepted as an alternative to land management areas where dust or erosion requires




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