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The company was set-up to offer alternative options for mining companies, all construction/commercial businesses, and is a specialist road repair coating. Our goal was to solve water catchment in mining dams offering a high UV stable product with a long guarantee, and a waterproofing impermeable membrane to solve and stop water leaks in all concrete structures including road repairs.

GreenCoat have developed a multi-functional co-polymer membrane system to eradicate water ingression giving a total water impermeability solution.

GreenCoat is a quality supplier of waterproof / roading membranes to the mining / commercial/construction industries both here in Australia and throughout Asia.

Our major contracts include:

Burswood Complex The encapsulation in stopping all water leaks through roofs at the complex since 2007

•  Doric Construction South Hedland Medical Centre
•  Black Swan Mine Dam lining
•  Barrick Gold Darlot Mine dam linings
•  Singapore Ongoing construction waterproofing
•  Supply to Malaysian markets is currently under negotiations
•  Citi-Pacific Cape Preston linings
•  Barrett Burston Maltings – Waterproofing
•  BCA container linings – Malaysia

Max Papa

Director / CEO

Greg Reynolds





Address        14B Brennan Way
                     Belmont WA 6014
Mob (Max)   0488 480 810
Mob (Greg)  0438 186 939
Email           max@greencoat.com.au


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